MARCH 2022

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A 3D campaign that also includes a retargeting action in display and social networks.

Callao City Lights is once again the showcase for a spectacular action. This time Martini has been the protagonist of a campaign that includes 3D and mobile retargeting.


An explosion of colour and vegetation fills the Plaza del Callao. The screens of Callao City Lights are filled with fruit and vegetable motifs to advertise Martini Vibrante and Martini Floreale, the range of non-alcoholic aperitifs that the Italian brand has launched on the market. A new option that Martini, part of Bacardí, has decided to promote with an eye-catching 3D action full of colour and movement reminiscent of the images of a kaleidoscope.

Under the slogan ‘For moments full of flavour’, Martini breaks into the world of non-alcoholic drinks with two options that the brand recommends drinking on the rocks or combined with tonic. The piece ends with the image of several camomile flowers and orange and lemon slices surrounding two bottles of both varieties, with a 3D effect that makes them appear to protrude from the screens.

The campaign will also be reinforced with a retargeting action on display and, as a great novelty, also on social networks (Facebook and Instagram). The audience impacted by the outdoor campaign, and who have wifi or bluetooth activated on their smartphone, will be impacted again later on their mobile terminal while browsing apps, sites or the aforementioned social networks.

The campaign was developed in 3D by BCN Visuals. Media management was handled by OMD.

Martini Sin Alcohol Vibrante, reddish in colour, is a fruity aperitif with notes of Italian bergamot; and Martini Sin Alcohol Floreale, with floral aromas, has Roman camomile as its main ingredient.

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Other actions in Callao City Lights

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