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Callao City Lights’ impact and audience figures continue to grow. In the last four weeks (from November 16th to December 13th), the number of impacts achieved by the outdoor screens of Callao Cinemas increased by 27.2%, reaching almost 2.6 million (in the week of December 7th), and the number of unique users, by 17.5%, reaching almost 1.2 million (in the same week).

On the other hand, between 7 and 13 December, impacts grew by 6.2% with respect to the previous week. And the number of unique users who circulated in the square in that period increased by 6.5%.


The public impacted in that week of December 7 was made up of men (53%) and women (47%), mostly between the ages of 26 and 40, with an average economic level and residents in the provinces of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. An audience especially interested in entertainment, sports and shopping.

This is clear from the data collected by the Infinia Group in the area of influence of the Callao City Lights screens.

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