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Organised by ‘La Publicidad’, this industry meeting was attended by several speakers, including Gorka Pagazaurtundua, Commercial Director of Callao City Lights, who opened the session with a talk dedicated to the certainties offered by the outdoor environment in times of such uncertainty.

He said that the outside is a medium that, during confinement, has not stood idly by. “We have supported from our screens the management of this crisis with social messages, inviting people to stay at home or applauding all the professionals who were fighting against the virus on the front line. And, therefore, this is the first certainty, we have demonstrated that outside is a media with extraordinary social value, helping others”.

He went on to say that, thanks to technology, the outside is a measurable medium (second certainty). “In our case, with the two trackers installed on the exterior digital screens of the Callao Cinemas. Tools that allow us to know what is happening in our environment: how many people are walking by, their socio-demographic profiles, their living / working environment and interests”.

Every day, we have more life in the streets

And this measurement leads us, as Pagazaurtundua explained, to the third certainty. The fact is that, despite to the situation we live in, there is more life on the streets every day. “According to our trackers installed on the digital screens, the number of unique users and total impacts are growing week by week and the data from the second half of March and April are far behind”.

The fourth certainty has to do with the combination of outdoor and mobile, “increasingly common among our media,” he said. “This allows us to impact pedestrians not only when they are in the street, but also later, when they are in the digital environment, increasing, from 3 to 5 times more, the probability that they will visit a physical or online shop or look for a promotion on the internet. In other words, the union of the outside with the mobile is a great synergy (fifth certainty)”, he added.

 Finally, the commercial director of Callao City Lights alluded to the fact that “the digitalisation of media offers advantages (flexibility in the change of creations, no production costs, information in real time…) that combined with the technological possibilities (3D, RA, synchronisation, live broadcasts…) amplify the creative possibilities of the medium”.

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