JULY 2017





Around 800 spectators enjoyed the worldwide premiere of the seventh season of the popular North American series “Game of Thrones” at Madrid’s Cines Callao. A huge event, organised by the TV channel HBO, with a throng of fans and well-known faces from film and TV.

With the actor and host David Sainz as master of ceremonies, the lucky ones who attended this premiere also enjoyed, as the lead-in to the grand premiere, a viewing of the last two episodes of the series’ previous season and five episodes of Síndrome Valyrio, a web series starring YouTuber David Sainz launched on social media by HBO to promote the premiere of the seventh season of Game of Thrones.

This cult series’ premiere for millions of television viewers all over the world could be simultaneously viewed in Spain (subtitled, in original version) and in the United States. Beforehand, those attending the event at Cines Callao could take photos on the popular iron throne, one of the series’ most representative icons, and pose in the photo op booth with a snow effect, emulating some of the most famous scenes from this television phenomenon.

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