MARCH 2023

Actions on our screens


Once again this year, Callao City Lights is joining Earth Hour, the largest global initiative in defence of the environment promoted by WWF. Next Saturday 25th March we will turn off our screens for one hour, from 20:30 to 21:30, as will the most emblematic buildings around the world. Previously we will broadcast, from Monday 20th, the WWF campaign created to invite the population to join the initiative, in solidarity with nature and to fight against climate change.

Likewise, seconds before the blackout, we will broadcast a countdown to synchronise with the rest of the buildings and places in the world that collaborate with Earth Hour.

The campaign that will be broadcast until then will invite citizens to connect with Nature and move around the Planet, adding KMPORELPLANETA, as a symbolic challenge, with the aim of surpassing, before 25 March, the 7 laps of the Planet achieved last year in the first edition of this movement. Citizens and organisations will be able to add up kilometres through the WWF Spain website.

Other events in Callao City Lights

Other actions in Callao City Lights

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