JUNE 2022



Daniel Marote, Lady Cherry, Inés Torremocha and Francisco Unda will be the speakers at ET Road Show España 2022, an exclusive event for the MICE sector that Rhy Marketing, Iberian MICE Forums and Clarke Learning will be holding at Callao City Lights on 28 June. Entertainment, avant-garde, music and networking in a meeting created for the world of events that will be sponsored by Callao City Lights, Fluge Audiovisuales, Eventlab, Cobos Catering and Virtway Events.
Daniel Marote is a world leader in customer experience, digital transformation, digital marketing and purpose-driven entrepreneurship. He has given more than 200 conferences around the world and worked for more than 100 brands in 25 countries.

Lady Cherry (Gema Tortuero) is a communicator, speech therapist and multidisciplinary artist. Since 2003 she has toured the stages around the world holding concerts, shows and conferences to motivate and inspire.

Inés Torremocha is a sales mentor-coach. Creator of the Commercial Intelligence Programme: TransformACCIÓN 4×4, she is a lecturer and expert in emotional intelligence applied to sales.

Francisco Unda is one of the most influential and avant-garde motivational speakers in Latin America. His charisma and talent make his conferences an invitation to action to achieve outstanding results, helping to transform hundreds of companies around the world. His energy generates a total complicity and connection with the audience.

The event will also be streamed live.

Register at www.conferenciaset.com before the event is sold out!

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