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Gran Vía Circuit: more than 654 million impacts in 2023

The number of impressions achieved by our screens continues to increase. In 2023, Circuito Gran Vía (Cines Callao, Teatro Rialto, Teatro Lope de Vega y Teatro Coliseum) managed to exceed 654 million impacts, being the 50th week, from 11 to 17 December (before Christmas), the week with the highest number of impacts, almost 18 million, according to data provided by Inspide. In terms of quarters, the most successful was the last quarter of the year, with almost 200 million impressions.

In terms of national impacts, week 50 was once again the most outstanding (13.3 million impressions), and in terms of international impacts, week 17, before the May 1st long weekend, was the week with the highest number of impressions: more than 6.5 million.

Cines Callao

On the other hand, the screens of Cines Callao managed to exceed 269 million impacts in 2023, with the 41st week, from 9 to 15 October (El Pilar long weekend), being the most outstanding, with more than 7 million impressions. The most prolific quarter was also the last of the year, with over 76 million impacts.

Infographic Callao City Lights impacts 2023

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Other actions in Callao City Lights

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