3D CREATIVITY |  Stage Entertainment


  • Campaign date: September and October 2022
  • Advertiser: Stage Entertainment
  • Media agency: Stage Entertainment
  • Creative agency: RGB Corp

On the occasion of the premiere of the new season of the musical ‘The Lion King’ at the Lope de Vega Theatre, a 3D campaign was launched, the first of its kind to promote the show.

Thanks to the 3D effect, produced especially when Rafiki’s character stretched his arm outwards before raising it to his chest, a large number of passers-by in the area were impressed.

The piece showed the image of Rafiki, the character played by actress Lindiwe Mkhize in the musical, smiling and holding her hand to her heart as a greeting to passers-by.

In 3 weeks, the DOOH campaign achieved 31 million impacts and 2.7 million unique users on the screens of Circuito Gran Vía. And with the campaign, we achieved more traffic to the Lope de Vega theatre and promoted culture.

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