• Campaign date: June and July 2021
  • Advertiser: Adidas
  • Media agency: MEDIACOM (GroupM)

On the occasion of the Euro 2021 Football Championship, Adidas developed an advertising campaign based on contextualised creatives on the screens of Callao City Lights. The outdoor advertising action was aligned with the brand’s global positioning which, with the aim of inspiring and empowering the world, shows human stories that inspire us to believe that anything can be achieved.

Through dynamic creatives in which, according to the performance of the Spanish National Football Team in the different phases of the championship, different messages of support were periodically broadcast on screen, always accompanied by the brand’s slogan “Impossible is nothing”.

Where others see the first match, we see the beginning of the road to success; Where others see a setback, we see a sign to keep believing; Where others see 5 goals, we see a team that never stops dreaming; Where others see an impossible, we see a match for glory or Where others see a defeat, we see the beginning of a new era, were some of the messages that were broadcast throughout this action, together with key images of each match, with the aim of making visible the great power of unity of football on and off the pitch.

The advertising strategy, managed by Mediacom Barcelona, began on 14 June and ended on 8 July 2021, one day after the Spanish national team was eliminated in the match against Italy.

As a result, the Adidas outdoor advertising campaign on the Callao City Lights screens exceeded 9 million advertising impacts and reached more than 2.2 million unique users. In this way, Adidas managed to increase the connection with its target audience and reinforce the brand recall of the users who walked through the Plaza del Callao and Gran Vía in Madrid. In addition, the brand managed to transmit the enormous capacity that sport has to bring people together, inspiring them with an optimistic spirit to dream big to build a better future.

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