MARCH 2022

Callao City Arts




The colourful photographic work of Thandiwe Muriu is the protagonist this March of Callao City Arts, the artistic outreach programme promoted by Cultura Inquieta and Callao City Lights.

Passionate about photography since the age of 14, Thandiwe Muriu was born and grew up in Kenya in a family marked by art, with a sister who was a stylist and another who was a virtuoso pianist. As a teenager, influenced by Vogue magazine and its aesthetic canons, she refined her photographic practice by taking one of her sisters as a portrait model. While pursuing higher education at a business school, she continued to refine her technique with the help of fellow African photographers Mutua Matheka and Emmanuel Jambo. Thanks to social media, his photographs became very successful, which led him to sign his first contract for an international advertising campaign at the age of 23

Through her work, Thandiwe seeks to reclaim the self-esteem of the African woman, often excluded from beauty standards in her own country. Her work highlights the natural beauty of women with black skin and afro hairstyles, while reconnecting with the past of African culture through the use of colourful fabrics that mimic the clothing of the subjects of her photographs.

Thandiwe has exhibited her work throughout Europe and has been recognised with the People’s Choice Award for Emerging Photographer of the Year at Photo London 2020 and the British Journal of Photography 2021 Female In Focus Award.

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