JULY 2021

Callao City Arts




Photographer Matías Alonso Revelli and video artist Arben Vllasaliu are the protagonists of the month of July in Callao City Arts, the artistic programme of Cultura Inquieta and Callao City Lights. A sample of his work can be seen over the next few weeks on the outdoor screens of the Callao Cinemas.

Matías Alonso Rivelli is a young, self-taught Argentinean photographer whose work has attracted international attention. His striking sunsets and moonsets that we will see in Callao City Lights are only part of his work, in which he also captures aerial and terrestrial landscapes with a very personal stamp.

Arben Vllasaliu is a visual artist and 3D designer who has become popular for his engaging and hypnotic video animations. Images in which figures of different textures and colours captivate the viewer by their sequential and repetitive movements. Of Kosovar origin and based in Switzerland, Villasaliu has exhibited his work on the screens of Times Square in New York and this month he will do so on the screens of Callao City Lights, in the heart of Madrid.

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